Наречия частотности: упражнения с ответами

Сегодня мы потренируемся в употреблении наречий частотности (Adverbs of Frequency) always, never, rarely, hardly ever, often, usually, sometimes и их места в предложении.

В этом уроке 7 упражнений на отработку наречий частотности в английском языке с ответами.

Итак, let’s go!

Упражнение 1. Соотнесите наречия частотности с процентами


Упражнение 2. Вставьте подходящее наречие в предложения


Упражнение 3. Составьте предложения из слов


Упражнение 4. Напишите предложения с наречиями частотности, указанными в скобках


Упражнение 5. Выберите и напишите подходящее наречие частотности


Упражнение 6. Отметьте правильные предложения


Упражнение 7. Напишите в пропусках подходящие наречия из рамочки

never               sometimes                 often                 rarely                    always                     usually


Упражнение 1.

  • 100% – always
  • 90% – usually
  • 70% – often
  • 50% – sometimes
  • 30% – rarely
  • 10% – hardly ever
  • 0% – never

Упражнение 2.

  1. They never go to the cinema. They watch movies on TV.
  2. He sometimes plays football in his free time, every Sunday.
  3. Sue always does her homework. She’s the best student in my class.
  4. We rarely have a picnic, maybe once a month.
  5. I usually make my bed, but today I don’t have time.
  6. Daniel rarely helps his mom about the house, he’s lazy.
  7. I hardly ever cry when I read a sad story, I’m not very emotional.

Упражнение 3.

  1. Hugh usually reads comic books.
  2. I am never late for my classes.
  3. They go to the theatre once a month.
  4. We hardly ever travel by train.
  5. My cat always sleeps in my bed.
  6. Mary rarely walks the dog.
  7. Do you take a shower every morning?
  8. My brother goes fishing twice a week.
  9. Jim often loses his keys.
  10. Marta is usually tired after work.

Упражнение 4.

  1. Nancy is never bored.
  2. I often drink coffee.
  3. Mary is always late.
  4. He usually eats out.
  5. Susan hardly ever cooks.
  6. They normally stay at home.
  7. Ben rarely works late.
  8. I am always sleepy.
  9. Do you often read news?
  10. He is hardly ever sick.

Упражнение 5.

  1. Nick goes swimming every Monday / sometimes because it’s his day-off.
  2. I often / once a week go to the countryside.
  3. Gary is usually / every day in the office at this time.
  4. We never / rarely play any games, because we don’t have much time.
  5. They sometimes / hardly ever have a barbeque, because they like it.
  6. I don’t usually / never cook at home.
  7. Bella always / sometimes comes on time, she’s very punctual.
  8. You rarely / often get up late, you’re an early bird.

Упражнение 6.

  1. I have dinner with my friends on Saturdays. ✓
  2. She usually has coffee in the morning. ✓
  3. He sleeps often in the afternoon.
  4. I can never wake up early. ✓
  5. Kate always is happy.
  6. My grandma goes sometimes shopping on Sundays.
  7. They never watch TV. ✓
  8. We meet hardly ever after work.

Упражнение 7.

  1. Kate is always right, she knows everything.
  2. Bill never calls me anymore, we broke up last week.
  3. They often spend time together, they’re very close friends.
  4. I usually wear jeans, but today I’m wearing a dress.
  5. We sometimes eat in a restaurant, but mostly we cook at home.
  6. They are always late, never on time.


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