Косвенная речь в просьбах и приказах

Косвенная речь в просьбах и приказах

Допишите просьбы и приказы в косвенной речи

1. Mr. Jones: Could you please call me at 7 pm?Mr. Jones asked me .
2. Johanna: Please don't bring any food and drinks.Johanna asked me .
3. Mom: Please, be careful.Mom asked me .
4. The boss: Don't be late.The boss told me .
5. Dad: Study harder.Dad told me .
6. Teacher: Please, listen to the instructions carefully.Teacher asked us .
7. Greg: Ask somebody about it.Greg told me .
8. Colin: Don't tell this to anybody, please.Colin asked me .
9. Bob: Could you read 3 pages of the book?Bob asked me .
10. Amy: Please, don't make any noise.Amy asked me .

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