Косвенная речь в вопросах Да/Нет

Косвенная речь в вопросах Да/Нет

Допишите вопросы в косвенной речи, начиная с "if" 

1. John: Are you an architect?John asked me .
2. Don: Have you been to Italy yet?Don asked me .
3. Lucy: Is your brother older than you?Lucy asked me .
4. George: Are you going to the cinema?George asked us .
5. Jack: Have you returned the book yet?Jack asked me .
6. Luis: Can you wait for me?Luis asked me .
7. Hanna: Should I buy this dress?Hanna asked me .
8. Diane: Do I have to leave?Diane asked .
9. Nick: Will you help me to move the sofa?Nick asked me .
10. Doctor: Do you feel good?Doctor asked me .

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