Present Simple и Present Continuous: упражнения с ответами

Сегодня мы потренируем употребление времен Present Simple и Present Continuous в английском языке. 

В этом уроке 4 мини-упражнения с ответами на образование утвердительной, отрицательной и вопросительной форм Present Simple и Present Continuous. 

Let’s go! 

  1. I like cheese.
  2. She likes pizza.
  3. I’m walking now.
  4. They’re talking at the moment.
  5. He goes dancing on Tuesdays.
  6. She often plays chess.
  7. You’re taking a shower now.
  8. We’re learning Spanish.
  9. We exercise every morning.
  10. The girl is reading a book.
  1. don’t like cheese.
  2. She doesn’t like pizza.
  3. I’m not walking now.
  4. They’re not talking at the moment.
  5. He doesn’t go dancing on Tuesdays.
  6. She doesn’t often play chess.
  7. You’re not taking a shower now.
  8. We’re not learning Spanish.
  9. We don’t exercise every morning.
  10. The girl isn’t reading a book.

2. Поставьте глагол в Present Simple или Present Continuous

Например: I ______(study) German now. — I am studying German now

Jane ________ (like) music. She ________ (have) a guitar and a piano. She ________ (play) the guitar and she ________ (play) the piano. She ____________ (not play) the violin.

Right now she ___________________ (play) the guitar.

Jane likes music. She has a guitar and a piano. She plays the guitar and she plays the piano. She doesn’t play the violin. Right now she‘s playing the guitar.

3. Поставьте глагол в Present Simple или Present Continuous

My mom’s a doctor. She _________ (work) in a hospital. She _________ (like) her job. Today’s Saturday. She _______________ (not work) now – she _______________ (read) me a story.

My mom’s a doctor. She works in a hospital. She likes her job. Today’s Saturday. She is not working now – she is reading me a story.

4. Составьте вопросы

Например: he / does / to / school / go? — Does he go to school?

  1. writing / you / are/ a story / now ?
  2. apples / he/ like/ does?
  3. you/ do/ play/ after/ football/ school?
  4. Maths / she/ studying/ is/ at the moment?
  5. calling/ her/ she/ mum/ is/ now?
  6. What / you / doing/ are?
  7. they/ what/ like/ do/ to eat?
  1. Are you writing a story now?
  2. Does he like apples?
  3. Do you play football after school?
  4. Is he studying Maths at the moment?
  5. Is she calling her mum now?
  6. What are you doing?
  7. What do they like to eat?
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