Упражнение на косвенную речь 4

Данное упражнение поможет вам отработать использование косвенной речи (Reported Speech) в Wh-вопросах.

После выполнения упражнения нажмите «Проверить» и вы увидите ваши правильные и неправильные ответы.

Косвенная речь в Wh-вопросах

Допишите вопросы в косвенной речи

1. Jim: What is your job?Jim asked me .
2. Mandy: Where do you live?Mandy asked me .
3. Teacher: Why are you late?Teacher asked me .
4. Mike: When will you finish working?Mike wanted to know .
5. Vicky: How do you cook pasta?Vicky asked me .
6. Manager: Who can speak Chinese?Manager asked .
7. Amy: How much is this laptop?Amy wanted to know .
8. Eric: Where have you traveled so far?Eric asked me .
9. Ron: Why did you leave early?Ron asked me .
10. Mom: What have you bought in the mall?Mom asked me .
11. Paul: What are you listening to?Paul asked me .
12. Dad: When did you come back home?Dad asked me .
13. Walter: Why are you walking so slowly?Walter asked me .
14. Yun: How will you get to the airport?Yun asked me .
15. Emily: What's the password?Emily wanted to know .


  1. Jim asked me what my job was.
  2. Mandy asked me where I lived.
  3. Teacher asked me why I was late.
  4. Mike wanted to know when I would finish working.
  5. Vicky asked me how I cooked pasta.
  6. Manager asked who could speak Chinese.
  7. Amy wanted to know how much that laptop was.
  8. Eric asked me where I had traveled so far.
  9. Ron asked me why I had left early.
  10. Mom asked me what I had bought in the mall.
  11. Paul asked me what I was listening to.
  12. Dad asked me when I had come back home.
  13. Walter asked me why I was walking so slowly.
  14. Yun asked me how I would get to the airport.
  15. Emily wanted to know what the password was.

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